The Hawai’i Seaglider Initiative is made possible by the generous support of our commercial, government, and community members. We would appreciate  to have you as a partner in building the Hawai’i seaglider ecosystem with us.

Guidance for Corporate Membership

Tier 1
Named as Member of HSI, included in the HSI website as a supporter
Royalty free, nonexclusive, license to use Feasibility Studies 1 and 2 for internal strategic purposes
Invites to all events
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Tier 2
Tier 1 benefits
Ability to be participate in discussion groups
Access to all the Initiatives events in Hawai‘i and beyond which provide networking opportunities with  
other local/national brands  
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Tier 3
Tiers 1 & 2 benefits
Ability to participate in select launch events with  founding members approval
Opportunity to participate in other exclusive events  with key State stakeholders
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Benefits of Corporate Membership

Engage community discussion groups

Receive access to community stakeholders with a clear  understanding of their positions on sensitive issues

First read of the feasibility study findings once published

A detailed readout of costs and benefits of seaglider  operations in the State of Hawaii

Multiple tiers allow corporations to participate based on  their level of engagement

Community Group Participation

Value For Our Community Partners

We are asking community groups to partner with us and help navigate through challenges and opportunities to ensure this is a community led and State supported effort. Benefits for our Community Partners include:

Opportunity to align with other local community groups to publicly support a key state initiative

Access to a group of corporate sponsors (domestic and international) who have a history of partnering with local organizations in Hawaii and have expressed interest in aligning with community groups

Named as Community Partner in appropriate HSI marketing (e.g. website, email, newsletters, etc.) 

Invitations to all events

Provide strategic advice to the Hawaii Seaglider Initiative and help shape the effort

Provide strategic advice to the Hawaii Seaglider Initiative and help shape the effort

Opportunity to co-develop community benefits for projects

Four Critical Workspaces for Corporate, Community, and Government Stakeholder Engagement

Infrastructure and Private Industry

Community, Culture, and Environment

Energy, Food, and Transit Resiliency

Education and Workforce Development

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Phase 1: Initial Demand Assessment

High-Level Overview
Socio Economic Feasibility
Identify Infrastructure Needs
Conduct Community Analysis
Facilitate Route Planning

Feasibility Phase 2: Socio-Economic and Technical Study

In Progress
Technical Deep Dive
Full Social Impact Study
Work with Infrastructure Stakeholders
Metocean Study
Collaborate with Community Groups
Evaluate Ideal Routes