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Hawaiʻi Seaglider Initiative Welcomes New Members Southwest Airlines and Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies

HSI to kick off discussion groups with corporate and community members

Hawaiʻi Seaglider Initiative Launches with Airlines and Other Local Partners to Provide Affordable & Accessible Kamaʻāina Transportation

The Hawaiʻi Seaglider Initiative (HSI) launched with a broad coalition committed to delivering a new affordable and accessible transportation option to Hawaiʻi communities.

Hawaii’s Mokulele to debut electric REGENT Seagliders

Mokulele Airlines (Kona) is to bring a fleet of 12-passenger Vickers Viceroy all-electric seagliders to the Hawaiian islands

REGENT Announces a Strategic Investment from Hawaiian Airlines

REGENT today announced that Hawaiian Airlines has agreed to strategically invest in the company to support the initial design of its next generation 100-person capacity all-electric seaglider known as the Monarch.

Watch REGENT take its prototype electric seaglider out for a test flight

REGENT, a startup developing electric flying boats, has completed a series of test runs on the Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island to prove its unique vehicles can “float, foil and fly” as expected.

Hawaiian Airlines investing in electric seaglider

Hawaiian Airlines has invested in an all-electric, no-emission, propeller-­driven plane that would take off from sea, fly just the length of a wing over the surface of the ocean and land at neighbor island docks without touching land.

Hawaiian Seaglider Airplane Flies For First The Time

Last month, REGENT performed the first test flights for their electric seaglider concept. Both  Hawaiian Airlines and Mokulele Airlines are heavily invested in this venture.

'Seaglider Transportation Network' in the works for possible inter-Island travel

HONOLULU (KITV4) - Island-hopping in Hawaii could become a little easier in just a few years thanks to a multi-agency partnership focused on environmental friendliness and convenience.

Hawaiian Airlines Bets You’ll Want to Island Hop on Electric Seagliders

Vehicles under development by startup Regent would seat 100 and provide lower-emissions alternative, carrier says

Electric seagliders could be the next innovation for interisland travel on Mokulele Airlines

All-electric seagliders could be the next aviation innovation, a marrying of maritime and flying technologies, to ferry people between the Hawaiian Islands.

The REGENT Seaglider Funded By Hawaiian Airlines Is Now Flying

The miniature prototype of the REGENT seaglider completed its first successful test flight last month in what may prove to be a historical moment for the future of sea and air travel.